Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Should Healthcare Be a Right?

One of the tenets of universal healthcare is that it is a right supplied by the government. If Americans really believe this, we would not have deductibles or co-pays. Even Medicare (covers people over age 65) has deductibles and co-pays. More importantly, how can healthcare be a right, when a physician comes out of medical school with $250,000 in debt? Nurse midwives may have debts of $100,000 and floor nurses may have debts near $75,000. How can healthcare be a right, when an obstetrician pays over $250,000 for malpractice insurance? How can healthcare be a right, when the government or insurance companies put out lists of approved drugs and procedures? How can healthcare be a right, when some proposals actually put Americans in jail for not having health insurance? I keep looking for the media to ask these questions of Congress and the President, but so far, these tough questions are not being asked How can healthcare be right, when a parent has to sue their obstetrician and hospital to get their newborn’s medical bills paid, because she was born with a birth injury? Alan

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