Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If People Are Dying Now, Why Are We Waiting until 2012?

As congressional Democrats meet behind closed doors to hammer out a health care reform bill, I keep wondering why the media is not asking a key question. On every talk show, we keep hearing that we must do healthcare reform NOW because people are dying everyday. Yet, if we passed a bill tomorrow, the provisions requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and accept everyone regardless of health won't kick in until 2012. So the question to be asked is: If we have to pass this bill immediately, why are we NOT covering the most vulnerable Americans, immediately?” Of course, among the most vulnerable Americans are pregnant women. They need coverage, so they know that their at prenatal care and birth will be paid for. Why is this not being covered immediately? Can you imagine calling the fire department and being told that fire trucks will arrive in three years? Why is the media not asking the most simple of questions? In fact, if we can cover every baby born immediately, that would cut down the number obstetrical lawsuits from parents that have no choice but to sue the obstetrician, midwives, and hospital so that they can get medical care for their uninsured baby for any birth injury. What is the rationale for waiting until 2012, to cover babies? I know this blog post is not one of the more sexy ones I've written, and that is because this one is so simple. If Passing a Bill Today Is Crucial Because Americans Are Dying, Then Let's Pass a Bill That Is Effective Today, . So No More Americans Die!! Alan

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