Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Insurance Industry Report Confirms This Blog's Concerns

On Monday, the health insurance industry trade group, AHIP, realeased a report from their consultants on the effects to the future cost of insurance as a result of the Senate Finance Committee’s. Health Reform Bill.” Click here to read FULL report I have asked the question on this blog, "What about the people that still don't buy insurance?” Then I asked. "How do premiums go down, when insurance companies are required to cover all the sick people?" The insurance industry report using my two points, plus the additional taxes on insurance companies, says that under the health reform proposals, insurance premiums will go up and not down! (by a lot of $$$) Are the numbers that they project accurate? I don't know! But, the concept that premiums are going to rise more than expected is probably accurate. Let's look at some business projection truisms: A) Revenue will be less than projected! B.) Expenses will be more than projected! C.) If you give people a benefit, they will use it more than projected! D.), If people have to pay for something, less people will utilize it then projected!. The White House is blasting the industry report, but of course, they are experts at bringing things in under projected budget! Alan PS- Early bird rate expires Oct 17th for Conference: http://www.birthconference.org/

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