Friday, December 11, 2009

2.2 Million Reasons Not to Do a Vaginal Birth

An upstate New York jury awarded the family of a baby who died of seizures following the mishandled birth a $2.2 million verdict against, the obstetricians involved.

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It appears that a hospital nurse told the obstetrician on duty that she was concerned about the baby's heart rate, but rather than do an immediate C-section, the OB gave orders to monitor and continue the vaginal delivery.

The baby became stuck during the delivery, suffered oxygen deprivation and brain damage.

Does anyone believe that the next time the doctors involved are faced with a similar situation, they will not immediately say "C-section now!”?

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  1. How tragic. It sounds like shoulder dystocia... which I am not sure how the HR would be a telltale sign of that. I don't know how that would be related, at least not that I am aware of.

    Unless they are saying they should have done the c/s anyways for the HR issue--and would have avoided the SD altogether.

    SD is scary (My last baby was born at home and had a 4 min. SD) and can be totally unexpected. My heart goes out to this family.