Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birth Centers, Birth Plans, Doulas and the Internet

Today we'll discuss some more seminars that have been added to the Controversies in Childbirth Conference.

What Birthing Couples Are Saying About Their….OBs, Midwives, Doulas & Hospitals, On the Internet.
Do you think that anyone under age 40 makes a hotel reservation without checking the reviews on websitea like TripAdvisor? What about a cruise? Would you go on a cruise without reading the reviews? Would you buy a car today withoutt reading reviews and ratings?

The Internet can be a friend or a foe to someone's business. Since you're reading this on my blog, you already know this. What do you think patients/clients and potential patients/clients of birth care providers are saying about the obstetrician, midwife, doula or the hospital they plan on having their baby at?

Uber-geek and birth activists, Laureen Hudson is going to show us what patients / clients are saying about their birth providers. We will also look at whether or not the providers or facilities really care. Laureen will also explore if there is a correlation between what appears on the Internet, and a loss of business in the practice.

Why Obstetricians Hate Birth Plans?
A pregnant woman goes online, communicating with her friends and new online friends to discuss the perfect birth plan. More planning may have gone into the birth plan then her wedding. She proudly shows it on her next visit to her obstetrician, whose reaction may range from slight annoyance to pointing to the sign in the office that says: "If you have a birth plan, we invite you to find another doctor."

Why do OBs feel the way they do about birth plans? Is it extra work? Unrealistic expectations? Barriers to effective communication? Lack of trust by the patient? This panel will explore these questions from both the OB and consumer perspective.

Why Hospital Staff Are Confused by the Role of the Doula
If you ask a room full of: obstetricians, midwives, nurses, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, and anyone else in the hospital, “What is the role of a Doula.?’ You may receive as many answers as there are people in the room.

Physician reactions to doulas run the gamut from recommending them to pregnant women, all the way to firing a patient that hires a doula. Even midwives who generally appear supportive are split on the issue. Some love labor Doulas, while others feel that the Doula infringes on the care the midwife gives.

Some Doulas sell their services as cesarean section insurance , while others will not attend a mother, who plans a hospital birth.

Doula trainers Rae Davies and Candy Mueller will lead a panel that will explore doula confusion and hopefully provide solutions to end this confusion.

Can Chiropractors Safely Turn Breeches, Or Are They Endangering Babies?
Since a breech presentation means an almost automatic cesarean section, many women are searching for methods of turning the breech. This can range from slant boards, to playing loud music with the speakers on the belly, to external version.

Chiropractors have devised a method of allowing the breech to turn, known as "The Webster Technique," a chiropractic technique designed to relieve the causes of intrauterine constraint, thus causing the baby to turn.

So why do obstetricians NOT routinely refer women with breech presentations to chiropractors? This session will not only explore and analyze the Webster technique, but will also delve into the distrust between chiropractors and physicians.

Dr. Alexa Fagan is a Tampa area chiropractor and member of The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) who has a successful record of adjusting women, so the baby can turn from breech to vertex. An obstetrician will round out the panel, allowing for a lively discussion.

For more information go to the conference website

Tune in tomorrow for more seminar announcements.


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