Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comparing the Hybrid Birth Facility and Homebirth

Since Monday, we have been comparing birth centers to homebirth. First, the old one family house birth center. Then the larger, busy birth center compared to homebirth. Today we will discuss the future "hybrid birth facility." compared to homebirth.

As I wrote about on October 30th, the hybrid facility combines the benefits of a large birth center, with the cesarean section and pain relief capabilities. This model will be discussed in depth at the Controversies in Childbirth Conference, February 19-21 in Tampa, Florida.

Remember, there are two types of women that choose homebirth. "Those where homebirth is their first choice, and, those where homebirth is their last choice."

For those women who have researched, studied and re planned for homebirth, birthing at home is their only choices unless some complication causes them to have to go to a hospital.

However, for those women who are intimidated by the hospital, or afraid, they will have a cesarean, when they don't want one, or have heard about poor hospital experiences from their friends, or have tried everything to get the doctor or hospital to give them what they wanted and have been rebuffed, then they have no choice but to choose homebirth.

For those were homebirth is the first choice, they will continue to choose homebirth. For those were homebirth is the only choice that they have left, those women may choose this new birth facility

As I have previously stated, most women coming to our birth center had three questions: "Can I get something for the pain?"… "Is there a doctor available in the event of an emergency?"….. "What if the baby crashes, and I need an emergency cesarean?"

In a hybrid birth facility, the answers to these questions will be YES!!

If the providers running facility , do it right, then the answers to the following questions will also be "YES!"

Can I have a VBAC?
Can I have a natural birth?
Can I have a water birth?
Can I have intermittent fetal monitoring?
Can I deliver in any position I like?
Can a midwife deliver my baby?

There may be many more “YES” answers, but time runs short.

I do believe that this model may have a negative affect on those that choose homebirth as their first choice. That is,: many homebirth midwives may go to work in these hybrid birth facilities, thereby making it harder to find a midwife to deliver you at home.

Again, this model will be thoroughly discussed at the Controversies in Childbirth Conference. Please register today.


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