Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is Rush Limbaugh Worth $400 Million?

Your first reaction is probably, "what does this have to do with "birth issues?"

Bear with me a moment, I promise to connect the dots.

About a year ago, controversial radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh signed a contract for $400 million (over eight years). Immediately, every newspaper, magazine,, radio and television talk show asked their viewers, readers and listeners to vote on whether or not, Rush Limbaugh was worth $400 million?.

Anyone who “voted” does not get it!! Their opinion is meaningless. If you hate Rush and voted NO, or love Rush and voted YES, either way, the opinion and the vote has zero meaning and zero value.

The only vote that matters, is that of the producers of Rush Limbaugh's program which writes the check for $400 million. Also, they could not care less what your vote is.

The only factor they consider in determining whether Rush is worth $400 million is: "Will enough listeners in a preferable demographic audience listen to the show, so the advertisers will pay enough money to have their messages heard, to make the show profitable?”

In other words, the only criteria is: are there enough advertisers who will pay enough money so that not only does Rush Limbaugh get$400 million and the staff and expenses are paid, BUT the investors can also make a profit..

Any other consideration of peoples opinions does not play into this mix.

Tomorrow, I will talk about the 3P's: patients, providers and payers. Does my Rush Limbaugh discussion give you any clue which one of the 3P's. has the most clout?


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